Breadcrumbs dropped on music wanderings.

  1. B~R~B~~~(~M~B~)

  2. ブルーナイト・ブルー Yasuha

    She has one of them Youtube-famous city pop songs, so I’ll skip posting that. But this’s another real good one.

  3. 不眠症のTelephone Yasuha

    Her other records are a bit patchy, but here’s a song off the one I like most so far: Yahhoo!!. Maybe it’s just the Ito Chieri and OutRun vibes?

  4. Thinking of You Yasuha

    Jumping back in time a bit—I meant to add this song.

    I love that rich ‘youuuuuuuuuuuu’ so much. It’s like an owl. Penetrates my skull, like I’m singing it myself. Reminds me a bit of the way Miki Matsubara sings her vowels. Song itself reminded me of the way that みずいろの雨 song by Junko Yagami comes in.

    And somehow this is a B-side~

  5. B~r~e~a~k~~~t~i~m~e

  6. Only Lonely Divinyls

    Oh yeah, I remember this playing at a party last year and getting it stuck in my head too. Forgot it was by them too.

  7. Boys In Town Divinyls

    I don’t know how this got into my head, but I’ve been unable to get it out for a few days now. Got a real nighttime back of car energy.

    Ended up making a page on my wiki for song titles about boys.

    Been listening to lots of Australian stuff from the 80s and 90s for the last couple of months.

  8. B~r~e~a~k~~~t~i~m~e

  9. 지난여름 너무 야릇했었지 Lee Jae-Min

    This’s off the same album, but apart from one other song, the rest are boring ballads. Instrumentation on this one (apart from the chorus that has those nice Joy Devision pews) reminds me of some Chinese stuff I’ve heard, otherwise it’s pretty similar to 제 연인의 이름은.

    Google Translate give me ‘Last summer was so weird’ for the title. Sounds like a good fit, to me!

  10. 제 연인의 이름은 Lee Jae-Min

    Had the thought I’d never looked at any South Korean music from the 80s, so’ve been trying to find things on Youtube. I don’t have any kind of entry point, but there’re some compilations on there I’ve been going through.

    This’s the first song that stood out. Kinda reminds my of some Euro. synth pop. Droll vocal, fun sounds. Title translates to ‘my lover’s name is’.