Breadcrumbs dropped on music wanderings.

  1. F~i~n~i~t~a

  2. 将冰山劈开 Anita Mui

    All the song’s I’ve listened to so far have been pretty average, but I like this one well enough. Maybe I’ve heard it in a movie before? Title translates to Break the Iceberg.

  3. T~a~g~s~!

  4. Everywhere Fleetwood Mac

    Been listening to the song Big Love a bunch so tried the album it’s off. Lots of duds on there, but I’d forgotten about this song and I like it a bunch, very sweet. Reminds me a bit of This Must Be The Place.

    I remember thinking the chorus was ‘I wanna be with you I do babe’.

  5. M~o~r~n~i~n~~~m~o~r~n~i~n

  6. Notte Che Verrà Loredana Bertè

    Discogs rec’d Traslocando, but this is the only song I like off it.

  7. Vacances à Deux Kira

    This is the only other one I’d probably listen to again.

  8. In Alto Mare Loredana Bertè

    Got some guy’s folder of ‘weird freaky disco singles’ off Soulseek and been going through it. None of it’s weird, mostly it’s just Italian. This is the first song I liked. Will listen to more of her stuff; has lots of records.

    I like grandpa on the drums. One of the saxophoners didn’t get the memo about the yellow shirts. Kinda want a cowprint top.

  9. N~i~g~h~t~~~n~i~g~h~t