Breadcrumbs dropped on music wanderings.

  1. S~o~p~h~i~s~t~i~d~o~n~e

  2. Bring Me Closer Altered Images

    Was looking at Youtube comments on a song I like and someone called it sophistipop. That sounded like such a stupid word I looked it up to see if anyone else used it, and ugh, it’s some Internet-person non-genre.

    Anyway, I’ve been going through a few sophistipop playlists and found a few things.

    Singing in this is as annoying as fuck, but someone else could do a good version of this.

  3. Tonight Tina Turner & David Bowie

    Don’t remember this song at all from when I rushed through Bowie’s discography. Maybe I just heard the intro and skipped to the next one.

  4. Looking for Clues Robert Palmer

    Real good version of a song I was never that fussed by on the album.

  5. D~i~s~t~r~a~c~t~e~d

  6. Talk It Over Grayson Hugh

    This is the worst video I’ve ever seen.

    Fact the dingus’s doing a Sam Cooke impression and dressed like a Black Panther doesn’t help.

  7. Absolutely Eurogliders

    Always liked that Heaven song, but not much else. This is alright.

    Had to look up the lyric from the chorus, it’s:

    ‘Cause I’m absolutely
    Absolutely sure
    Of a great thing

  8. Cruel Summer Bananarama

    Ohhhhhhh I didn’t realise this was Bananarama. I don’t think I’ve ever liked them much, but I like some of the J-Pop covers of the SAW songs (I Heard a Rumour, Love In The First Degree). This song is real good though. It’s probably obvious at this point that most songs I like have a kind of desperate feeling.

    Couldn’t remember what movie I knew it from, but it’s Karate Kid.

    You’d think typing ‘bananarama’ would be fun, but it’s not.

  9. F~i~n~i~t~a

  10. 将冰山劈开 Anita Mui

    All the song’s I’ve listened to so far have been pretty average, but I like this one well enough. Maybe I’ve heard it in a movie before? Title translates to Break the Iceberg.