Breadcrumbs dropped on music wanderings.

  1. B~r~e~a~k~~~t~i~m~e

  2. Right Back Where We Started From Maxine Nightingale

    This is the other film-related song. I watched both of these on the same day, and both have been taking turns being stuck in my head.

    I like the thumpy organ, fits the film it comes from well (The ice hockey film Slap Shot).

    I like the sparkly ground in this clip.

  3. Sky High Jigsaw

    I’m posting a couple of songs from a couple of films I watched recently.

    Sky High is the main theme from The Man From Hong Kong, an Australian and Hong Kong co-production that is a pretty fun Golden Harvest James Bond thing set mostly in Sydney. The fight scenes are actually well shot, and it turns out co-ordinated by Sammo Hung!

    Here’s a nice little talk by the director Brian Trenchard-Smith, and should lead to some others if you follow the Youtube trail.

    This clip is how the song first appears in the film, and a tops credit sequence to boot.

  4. B~r~e~a~k~~~t~i~m~e

  5. B~r~e~a~k~~~t~i~m~e

  6. トキメキがいたくて Chieri Ito

    Another great Ito Chieri song I first heard on that Idol Bible Whatever album, this one also being a single from her album Chieri.

    Gives me Triffids vibes in that softer part, and some of the singing has a nice rhythm to it; kinda slurry.