Breadcrumbs dropped on music wanderings.

  1. Heaven Knows Donna Summer

    Had to replace an item in a Discogs order, so ended up trawling through thousands of listings looking for singles. Listened to a bunch of things I hadn’t heard before, and this is one of the highlights. Total sucker for these kinds of disco songs that build up to a big swirling chorus.

    This is performed with a group called Brooklyn Dream, but I didn’t think much of the rest of their stuff.

  2. G~u~e~s~s~~~t~h~a~t~~~w~a~s~~~i~t

  3. 深呼吸して Marina Watanabe

    Amazing set.

    Also with Shizuka Kudo and Akiko Ikuina from Onyanko Club. I don’t think Marina Watanabe was in that group (but I’m no expert), so dunno what the deal is there.

  4. Girls on the Roof Minayo Watanabe

    Ah! Girls on the roof!

    Continuing where I left off.

  5. Y~e~s~!~,~~~I~~~w~a~s

  6. UBU Miki Ito
  7. 小娘ハートブレイク Miki Ito

    Good yellow video.

  8. 小娘ハートブレイク Miki Ito

    Good video.

  9. Caribbean Night Meiko Nakahara

    All the songs I’ve listened too have this same kinda good, kinda forgettable vibe.

  10. 君たちキウイ・パパイア・マンゴーだね。 Meiko Nakahara

    君たち Kiwi Papaya Mango だね。

  11. Fantasy Meiko Nakahara

    Ah, this is her famous song.