Breadcrumbs dropped on music wanderings.

  1. S~n~o~o~z~e

  2. I’ve been listening to a bunch of new stuff, but have totally gotten out of the habit of posting things here. I guess that’s because I still haven’t caught-up with the posts I managed to backup from Tumblr, so it doesn’t feel like it’s entirely a functioning space yet.

    But anyway; I particularly wanted to make a note of some Australian rap stuff! Found a bunch of really rad drill when catching up on local grime. Seems like it’s real popular on Youtube at the moment, but I still wanted to document me finding it. So here’re a few videos jammed into one post :)

    Spot The Difference Onefour

    Kinda hard to pick a fave by Onefour, but slightly confident in this one. They’ve all got real nice bouncy beats and great bars.

    No Effect Hooligan Hefs

    I love this so much!

    Not actually his best bars, but—no spoilers!

    Also guy in the YT comments suggested this be the next Eurovision entry and that’s the best idea I’ve ever heard.

    Business Men 30Kingz

    Last two are both from western Sydney, so here’s something from Western Melbourne.

    Say Less Lisi

    Now something from West QLD.

    Misunderstood Youngn Lipz

    And back to Sydney for a song that’s hard not to keep on repeat. Only one he’s released so far.

  3. B~a~c~k~~~t~o~~~i~t

  4. Yaoundé Girls Mystic Djim & The Spirits
  5. The Message Gyedu-Blay Ambolley

    Real nice synth iwyu-iwyu noises.

  6. We Can Move Free Youth

    How do you even get sick of listening to this song?

    I fell like I’ve recently fallen into a well of Bandcamp labels specialised in doing really ace rereleases. And now I need more record shelves.

  7. I~n~t~e~r~m~i~s~s~i~o~n

  8. Rich With Nothing Wet Taxis
  9. C'mon Wet Taxis
  10. Another Day In The Sun The Moffs

    Slowly getting through the process of moving this blog from my partial backups to here, and going through old posts is putting me on lots of familiar paths!

    But today I’ve found myself digging in a book looking for the names of people from the Little Bands scene to try help with a thing on Discogs, and remembering Louis Tillett and Wet Taxis. Back when I first read that book there was no Youtube, and it wasn’t always easy to find whatever CD or record you wanted (though there was starting to be some renewed interest in that kinda era of Australian music) so I was never able to hear much, even though he sounded interesting, and you’d see things on Rage sometimes.

    Anyway, I’ll post some of that in a sec, but this popped in on my searches, so here’s a sun-tinged fuzzy MBV kinda thing from a band I’d sometimes see on Rage, but never got a record of. This kinda sunny, poppy, miserableness is something… I guess I can enjoy with a little nostalgia still :)

  11. B~r~e~a~k~~~t~i~m~e