Breadcrumbs dropped on music wanderings.

  1. Today Takako Okamura

    Went through a bunch of her other songs and none really stuck, but I like this.

    I think I initially clicked on it because the album has a nice cover.

  2. O~u~t~t~a~~~t~i~m~e

  3. Turn It Into Love Kylie Minogue

    Been listening to Wink a bit, which’s got this Kylie song stuck in my head (see: 愛が止まらない (Turn It Into Love) ~ Wink). I’ve grabbed a few Kylie albums now…

    The song was written by Stock Aitken Waterman, who I’m realising are behind a few other songs I like.

    As an aside, I want to get away from relying on Youtube, so I’m going to be uploading audio (and videos where warranted) directly.

  4. B~r~e~a~k~~~t~i~m~e

  5. That's the Way it is Mel & Kim

    Jumped from the last one to this one and the instrumental solos are almost identical.

  6. Respectable Mel & Kim

    Another English group I didn’t know. Thought they might’ve been Australian, still sounds like the ‘Hey Kim’ is said with an Aus accent to me.

    Part reminds me of Madonna’s Express Yourself. And Rugrats.

  7. Whenever You're Ready Five Star

    Wanted to listen to Whenever You’re Ready by the Dynamic Hepnotics and had a goosey at the other songs with the same title.

    Never actually heard of this group before, I guess they were more of a UK thing. This song’s pretty neat, but don’t think much of the other ones on YT. It’s eerie how Jackson 5-ey they are.

  8. B~e~d~-~t~i~m~e~!

  9. Love Talkin' (Honey it's You) Tatsuro Yamashita

    Turns out it’s a good thing I didn’t post a break, as I’m back to playing Stay With Me and Tatsuro Yamashita’s Love Talkin’ over-and-over. They’re just the best :D

    Even found transcriptions and translations of the lyrics and put them on my wiki:

    Been working on my Japanese disco-y playlist, I think that’s to blame.

  10. 誘惑88 Miki Ito

    Another Miki! She has an Idol Miracle Bible Series (like one of my faves Chieri Ito) release that’s pretty solid.

    Like the design of the cover, the way the diagonal title matches the angle of the shoulder and eyes.

  11. Stay with Me Miki Matsubara

    Haven’t looked at anything J-Poppy for a while, but been buying-up some faves that I only had in digital formats, surfing a private J-Pop torrent tracker, and seeing where Youtube takes me again.

    I’m sure I’ve listened to this song a bunch in the past, but can’t figure out where. Needs to be in my City Pop playlist!