Breadcrumbs dropped on music wanderings.

  1. B~r~e~a~k~~~t~i~m~e

  2. Pretty Pretty Girls Kiki Gyan

    Flows on nice from Disco Dancer, has some nice keys in there.

    Guess what record I just ordered :3

  3. Disco Dancer Kiki Gyan

    Youtube recs. working just nice.

  4. Living Everyday Tee Mac

    I got this comp. for Christmas called Nigeria Soul Fever, and it’s finally got me digging into more funk and disco and stuff from Africa.

    Sol Oshijo’s bass playing on this one is so dirty, I love it. And in general it’s just a really nice flirty dancefloor song.

  5. ~S~L~E~E~P~~~Y~A~~~B~O~Z~O~

  6. We Should Kiss Zombie-Chang

    Good name for a song~

  7. N.E.O. CHAI

    Oh gosh is the 80s, then 00s, discoyrock thing back already :0)

  8. アイム・ミー CHAI

    I dug this outta my bookmarks and faintly remember listening to it before. Ended up listening to a bunch of things on YT and downloaded a bunch of albums. Lots of fun stuff! Reminds me a bit of the Vib-Ribbon soundtrack I like to listen to sometimes.

  9. Dirty Jeans Magic Dirt

    Had this, and consequently She-Riff stuck in my head for a few days. Don’t like the production really, just the lyric and melody.

  10. B~r~e~a~k~~~t~i~m~e

  11. Kiss Her Jane Hill

    Found it via an inferior J-Pop cover by Yoshimi Iwasaki.