Breadcrumbs dropped on music wanderings.

  1. B~a~c~k~~~t~o~~~t~h~e~~~w~i~k~i

  2. ប្រុសយ៉េៗ Pen Ran

    She has too many good songs.

    I never ended up buying any Cambodian records apart from a few compilations, but Pen Ran would be the first artist I went for.

    Tragically, she was one of many artists who didn’t manage to escape the Khmer Rouge.

  3. Yuop Nih Oun Throv Ka Bong Pen Ran (AKA: Pan Ron)

    (Can’t find the title in Khmer script)

  4. ទទាយំឆ្លង Chhun Vanna

    Which made me think of this, one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

  5. Quando, My Love Sinn Sisamouth

    Been working on a wiki page to collect together my fave covers of Western pop songs by Asian artists, and was reminded of this great version of Quando, Quando, Quando. The guitar is so good.

    I like this idea of doing a cover where you take the melody but changes the words.

  6. Y~o~u~t~u~b~e~d~~~o~u~t~~~

  7. Good bye, Good girl Tentenko
  8. タイガーファイヤーサイバーファイター KOTO

    Aaaaaaaaa this one is very familiar. Not because it seems to be chunks from other songs.

  9. プラトニックプラネット (Platonic Planet) KOTO

    Starting to wish I was this person TBQH.

  10. Lonely Kong KOTO

    That’s a damn catchy chorus. Kong must be very lonely.

  11. <~3