Breadcrumbs dropped on music wanderings.

  1. I~t~'~s~~~t~o~o~~~r~a~i~n~y

  2. Hey Little Girl Icehouse

    This was in the recs when I was lookign up the Same Old Scene video, put me in one of those 80s edgy night moods

  3. Same Old Scene Roxy Music

    I’ve been having a nice little listen to my Roxy Music and Brian Ferry playlist before I go to bed, and I’ve come to really like this song. Maybe not more than Love is the Drug, but not far off.

    Chorus reminds me of some late 90s chillish stuff (that I’m not into), but the song has some real nice instrument parts, and a darker feeling. Really like that solo.

    Also really like how it sits after Oh Yeah too. Thought that was a nice playlist coincidence, but it’s like that on the album too.

  4. B~r~e~a~k~~~t~i~m~e

  5. みずいろの雨 Masako Mori

    And here’s a cover version.

  6. スリリング Kumi Tanaka
  7. ♂×♀×Kiss Akiko Matsumoto

    Recently started a new blog project called J-POP LANDSCAPES, so’ve been watching lots of J-Pop videos again. Haven’t turned-up much new stuff that I like, but the chorus of this song’s neat, and I’d never heard of Akiko Matsumoto before.

  8. I~t~'~s~~~t~o~o~~~h~o~t

  9. Chains of Love Nana Love
  10. Disco Lover Nana Love

    Captain Beefheart but good.