Breadcrumbs dropped on music wanderings.

  1. Y~o~u~t~u~b~e~d~~~o~u~t~~~

  2. Good bye, Good girl Tentenko
  3. タイガーファイヤーサイバーファイター KOTO

    Aaaaaaaaa this one is very familiar. Not because it seems to be chunks from other songs.

  4. プラトニックプラネット (Platonic Planet) KOTO

    Starting to wish I was this person TBQH.

  5. Lonely Kong KOTO

    That’s a damn catchy chorus. Kong must be very lonely.

  6. <~3

  7. Ashes Screamin' Jay Hawkins
  8. Ashes Screamin' Jay Hawkins

    I was watching this doco. on Screamin’ Jay Hawkins called I Put A Spell On Me, and I don’t think I’d ever heard this song before. I really like it! The guy really has a heart.

  9. D~o~n~e

  10. コラボソング (Limit) Chelmico × JOYFIT

    Like this one a little too.

  11. Highlight Chelmico

    Same as the last deal, don’t like most of their other stuff, but this has some neat parts. Like the J-Poppy chorus, nice bass, …

    Just not into the Japanese-rap thing much.